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Bradford Swain Linaweaver Edit Profile

actor , educator , journalist , writer

Bradford Linaweaver is an American freelance writer and journalist, who writes in genre of science fiction and lives in Florida. He is also a screenwriter for low budget movies.


Bradford Linaweaver was born on September 1, 1952, in Washington, North Carolina, United States.


Linaweaver graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Rollins College with a Master of Arts degree.


During his career, Linaweaver worked variously as a teacher, actor, and manager of a movie theater. His long association with independent film has led to his being an executive producer on a number of films. The most prominent is Fred Olen Ray's Supershark. He has also starred in, and written, The Brain Leeches, directed by Fred Olen Ray and has original story credits on a number of films, including The Brain Leeches and Jack-O for Fred Olen Ray. He also has story credits in The Boneyard Collection and Space Babes Meet the Monsters.

Now Linaweaver works as a freelance writer and journalist, as well as a screenwriter for low budget movies. He also publishes the movie magazine Mondo Cult, featuring literary contributions and articles from and about Linaweaver's eclectic list of celebrity friends and contacts. Mondo Cult is edited by former Famous Monsters of Filmland editor, Jessie Lilley.


  • Linaweaver is known as the author of the alternate-reality what-if-the-Nazis-had-won-WWII novel, Moon of Ice, as well as the popular Sliders novelizations. His other famous novels include Sliders (based on the television series), The Land Beyond Summer, four Doom novels with Dafydd ab Hugh, three Battlestar Galactica novels with actor Richard Hatch, and Anarquia with J. Kent Hastings which has sparked much discussion and review on various web sites.

    The novella version of his novel Moon of Ice was a Nebula Award finalist and the novel length version won a Prometheus Award. The novel carries endorsements from Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and William F. Buckley, Jr.

    Linaweaver also wrote and produced the award-winning and wildly popular web series Silicon Assassin, starring Richard Hatch.


Linaweaver was married to Cynthia-Cari Holloway. They had one step-daughter.

Cynthia-Cari Holloway