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Branislau Tarashkyevich Edit Profile

also known as Branislaw Adamavich Tarashkyevich

linguist , politician

Branislaw Tarashkyevich was a Belarusian public figure, politician, and linguist.


He finished gimnasium in Wilno with a silver medal.


In 1918, he led the cultural and educational department of the Petrograd branch of the Belarusian National Commissariat ( Belnatskom ), participated in the publication of the newspaper " Dzyannіtsa ." In 1919 - the teacher of the Belarusian and Greek at the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1920 - the head of the Belarusian sector of the Department of Education of Middle Lithuania. After zapadnobelorusskie land became part of Poland , BA Tarashkevich became a member of the Belarusian Central Election Committee , since 1921 - Director of the Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium. In 1922 he was elected Ambassador Tarashkevich (deputy) of the Polish Sejm, in 1922-1924 he was the Chairman of the Belarusian embassy club. In February 1924, along with Radoslaw Ostrovsky and Alexander Vlasov took part in the creation of the Belarusian-Polish partnership (BOD) in Vilnius, for which he was removed from the chairmanship of the Belarusian embassy club. June 24, 1925, together with Semen Cancer-Mikhailovsky, Paul and Peter Broom Voloshin resigned from the BOD and founded the club of the Belarusian embassy peasants and the working masses. He became chairman of the club, and after, and based on it to a mass political party. Secretly participated in the III Conference of IPPC. In January 1927, he was arrested by the Polish authorities, and in May 1928 was sentenced to 12 years in prison. In May 1930 Tarashkevich was prematurely released from prison. In February 1931 he was arrested by the Polish authorities in an attempt to drive through the Polish territory of Danzig to Berlin. In November 1932 he was sentenced to eight years' hard labor. Since September 1933 as a result of political prisoners exchange between Poland and the Soviet Union on F. OLEKHNOVICH, returned and lived in Moscow. He worked as head of the department of Poland and the Baltic States in the International Agrarian Institute. May 6, 1937 arrested on false charges in January 1938 sentenced to capital punishment, November 29, 1938 - shot.


  • book

    • Belarusian grammar for schools

  • translating

    • Pan Tadeusz, Iliad


  • Belarusian Socialist Assembly , Belarus


  • Belarusian national commissariat , Belarus


  • Belarusian Central Electoral Committee , Belarus


  • Belarusian embassy club , Blarus

    1922 - 1924

  • Belarusian-Polish partnership , Lithuania


  • Belarusian Peasants' and Workers' Union , Belarus


  • Communist Party of West Belarus , Belarus


  • Masonic lodges "Tomasz Zan" and Tyler "The Truth" , Lithuania