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Brenda Louise Dervin Edit Profile

Communications educator

Brenda Louise Dervin, American communications educator. Grantee United States Office Education, 1974-1976, California State Library., 1974-1984, National Cancer Institute, 1984, Ameritech, 1992, Institute Museum and Library. Service, 2003^. Fellow International Communication Association (president 1986-1987); member International Association Mass Communications Research (governing council 1988-1997).


Dervin, Brenda Louise was born on November 20, 1938 in Beverly, Massachusetts, United States.


Bachelor of Science, Cornell University, 1960. Master of Arts, Michigan State University, 1968. Doctor of Philosophy, Michigan State University, 1972.

Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Helsinki, 2000.


Public information assistant American Home Economic Association, Washington, 1960-1962. Public information specialist Center Consumer Affairs, University Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1962-1965. Instructor, research and teaching assistant department communications Michigan State University, E. Lansing, 1965-1970.

Assistant professor, School Information Transfer Syracuse (New York ) University, 1970-1972. Assistant to associate professor University Washington, Seattle, 1972-1985. Professor communications Ohio State University, Columbus, since 1985.



Fellow International Communication Association (president 1986-1987). Member International Association Mass Communications Research (governing council 1988-1997).


Daughter of Ermina Diluiso. Adopted d. John Jordan and Marjorie (Sullivan) D.

Ermina Diluiso Dervin