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Brian Aldridge Edit Profile

Republican politician

Brian Aldridge is an American Republican politician.


Aldridge, Brian was born on May 6, 1977 in Tupelo, Mississippi, United States.


Member District 17 Mississippi House of Representatives, since 2004, member agriculture committee, conservation and water resources committee, juvenile justice committee, wildlife, fisheries and parks committee.


The purpose of human existence is to love, worship, and serve God in thought, word, and deed, and, grounded in this relationship with God, to love and serve others.


The state should not use its authority to promote particular religious beliefs, nor should it require prayer or worship in the public schools. However, the state should leave students free to practice their own religious convictions.


Life is not about things, possessions, or money, but about relationships.


Since 2004 he serves as member of the Mississippi House of Representatives from the 17th District.