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Brian J. Farrell Edit Profile

chairman , president and chief executive officer

Brian Farrell is Chairman and CEO of THQ Inc., a leading digital entertainment company and worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment experiences. He has grown THQ’s global marketing and sales force to directly serve more than 75 countries worldwide with offices located throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


  • During his time the company has focused a lot on licensed content particularly for succesful fighting and wrestling games from World Wrestling Entertainment and now Ultimate Fighting Championship. Farrell has guided THQ to market leadership in the popular mass-market gaming genres with some of the industry's best-known licenses including Disney/Pixar Nickelodeon World Wrestling EntertainmentTM Scooby-Doo! and many more of the entertainment industry's biggest brands. At the same time the Company is enhancing its product offering with original content such as Destroy All Humans!TM Full Spectrum WarriorTM, JuicedTM MX UnleashedTM and TakTM.

    Farrell also spearheaded the development of THQ’s digital strategies to address the latest technology and emerging markets in games, including the expansion of downloadable content offerings, creation of social and mobile games such as Margaritaville Online, and industry-leading support of cloud gaming.


  • Video game

    • Company of Heroes

    • Darksiders

    • Homefront

    • Saints Row

    • Metro