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Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava

singer , author , poet

Bulat Okudzhava, USSR Poet, singer, author.


Okudzhava, Bulat was born on May 9, 1924 in Moscow. Son of a party official from Georgia.


Educated in Georgia. Graduated from Tbilisi University in 1950.



for service at the front in 1941. Soldier till the end of World War II. Worked as a school teacher, later in publishing houses.

First volume of poetry published in 1953. Joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1955. In the 1960s, became immensely popular for his verse, which he sang accompanying himself on guitar.

The first quasi pop-idol of the post-Stalin youth generation. Tapes of his songs circulated on the black market all over the country, thus attracting the attention of the Committee for State Security. Prevented from publishing his work for a long time.

A decision at the very top was made to allow him to address the public, as there was nothing anti-Soviet in his songs. The official record company Melodia then offered him a recording contract. Now receives newspaper coverage, and his books are being published.

His lyrics have an intrinsic poetic value. Wrote autobiographical prose about his war-time experiences as a teenager.


  • Islands 1959, How are Things, SchoolBoy?, Published & Unpublished Verse (Frankfurt) 1964, The Merry Drummer 1964, A Ditty abbut Fools: A Collection of Verse (London) 1964, March Magnanimous 1967, Two Novels (Poor Avrosimov. Zhor’s Photograph) (Frankfurt) 1970 (French translated 1972), Gulp of Freedom. A Story about Pavel Pestel 1971, The Extraordinary Adventures of Secret Agent Shipov in Pursuit of Count Leo Tolstoy in the Year 1862 1973, Selected Prose 1979, A Journey of Dilettanti 1979, The Poems of Bulat Okudzhava 1984.Scenario: Zhenya Zhemechka and ‘Katyusha’ 1968. Records: Bulat Okhudzhava (Le Chant du Monde) and others. Songs include: Prayer of Francois Villon, The Paper Soldier, A Georgian Song, We’ll Pay Any Price, Good-bye lads, Song about Mozart etc.