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actor , writer , character actor

Burt Young, American actor. Served with United States Marine Corps, 1957-1959. Member Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Writers Guild American, Hole in the Wall Gang of Corona.


Young was born in Queens, New York, the son of Josephine and Michael, a high school shop teacher.


Student public, private schools, New York City.


He also had praised roles in The Gambler, Chinatown, Uncle Joe Shannon, Back to School, Once Upon A Time in America, and Convoy. Young made his name playing rough-edged working class Italian-American characters, the best-known example being his signature role as Sylvester Stallone's character's brother-in-law Paulie in Rocky (1976), for which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He is one of four actors (the other three being Stallone, Stu Nahan and Tony Burton) who have appeared in all of the first six Rocky films (although Talia Shire also appears in the first five films and makes a flashback appearance in the sixth).

Young did not reprise his role in the 2015 film Creed, with the character having died in 2012. He has played similar roles in Chinatown, Convoy, Back to School, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Once Upon a Time in America, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Downtown: A Street Tale, and even a brutal and darker role in Amityville II: The Possession. Young has also appeared in many television programs, including The Rockford Files, Baretta, Law & Order, Walker, Texas Ranger, M*A*S*H, guest-starred in a Miami Vice episode, and made an appearance on The Sopranos ("Another Toothpick") as Bobby Baccalieri's father, who is dying of cancer and comes out of retirement to execute a hit on his godson.

Young is a painter whose art has been displayed in galleries throughout the world. As an artist, he has collaborated with the writer Gabriele Tinti, for whom he designed the cover for the poetry collection All over, as well as contributing the illustrations for the art book A man. Young is also a published author whose works include two filmed screenplays and a 400-page historically based novel called Endings.

He has written two stage plays: SOS and A Letter to Alicia and the New York City Government From a Man With a Bullet in His Head. Young participated in the 1984 New York City Marathon.


  • He is best known for his Academy Award-nominated role as Sylvester Stallone's character's brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino in the Rocky film series.


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    • Author: book Uncle Joe Shannon, 1978. Films include The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, 1971, Acrosss 110th Street, 1972, Cinderella Liberty, 1973, Chinatown, 1973, The Gambler, 1974, The Killer Elite, 1975, Harry and Walter Go To New York, 1976, Chinatown, Rocky, 1976 (Academy award nominee best supporting actor), Twilight's Last Gleaming, 1977, The Choirboys, 1977, Convoy, 1978, Rocky II, 1979, Blood Beach, 1980, All the Marbles, 1981, Rocky III, 1982, Lookin' to Get Out, 1982, Amittyville: The Possession, 1982, Once Upon a Time in America, 1984, Over the Brooklyn Bridge, 1984, The Pope of Greenwich Village, 1984, Rocky IV, 1985, Back to School, 1986, Last Exit to Brooklyn, 1990, Tashunga, 1995, Red Blooded American Girl, 1995, Kicked in the Head, 1997, Heaven Before I Die, 1997, The Undertaker's Wedding, 1997, She's So Lovely, 1997, Firehouse, 1997, The Deli, 1997, The Mouse, 1997, Mickey Blue Eyes, 1999, Terra bruciata, 1999, Table One, 2000, Never Look Back, 2000, Blue Moon, 2000, The Day the Ponies Come Back, 2000, Cugini, 2001, The Boys of Sunset Ridge, 2001, Plan B, 2001, And She Was, 2002, Checkout, 2002, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, 2002, Kiss the Bride, 2002, Crooked Lines, 2003, Shut Up and Kiss Me!, 2004, The Wager, 2004, Land of Plenty, 2004, Downtown: A Street Tale, 2004, Transamerica, 2005, Nicky's Game, 2005, Rocky Balboa, 2006. Author and star of films: Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This, Columbia Broadcasting System-television, 1977, Uncle Joe Shanon, 1978.

      Television films The Great Niagara, 1974, Hustling, 1975, Serpico: The Deadly Game, 1976, Murder Can Hurt You, 1980, Before Women Had Wings, 1997, Firehouse, 1997, Greener Fields, 1998, Gioco di specchi, 2000, (television series) You and Me Kid, 1983, Roomies, 1987, Alternate Realities, 2002. Director, Sunshine Film Company.


Served with United States Marine Corps, 1957-1959. Member Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Writers Guild American, Hole in the Wall Gang of Corona.


Married May 20, 1961 (deceased). Children: Richard (deceased), Anne Susan.

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