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C.L. Sun Edit Profile

also known as Sun Ch’i-lien

public official , translator

Mr. C. L. Sun was a Chinese public official who spent his life working for the President's Office first as a translator and later as its Private English Secretary.


Mr. C. L. Sun was born at Hangyang, Hubei province in 1890.


When Mr. Sun was ten years old he was sent to Boone College, Wuchang for elementary education. He remained in that institution until 1905.

From 1905 to 1909 Mr. Sun was at the St. John’s University, Shanghai where he received a middle school education.

In September 1909 Mr. Sun arrived in America to study with private support. Between 1909 and 1910 he prepared for college at Cook Academy. In 1910 Mr. Sun entered Syracuse University, New York where he studied Law and graduated from it with the degree of L.B. in 1914. While in the school he was elected to the Legal Fraternity Phi Delta Phi in October 1913.


Mr. Sun returned to China in August 1914. In 1916 he was an editor of the Far Eastern News,Peking.

In 1917 Mr. Sun was translator in the President’s Office, Peking. From 1918-1921 he was English Secretary to General Li Yuan-hung.

During 1922-1923 Mr. Sun was English Secretary of the President’s Office, Peking. He was awarded the Third Class Chiaho Decoration in 1922.

Since 1923 Mr. Sun was Private English Secretary to General Li- Yuan-hung. While serving General Li Yuan-hung in the capacity of private secretary Mr. Sun was entrusted with looking after the education of General Li’s children. Mr. Sun was also a lecturer on law subjects in Nankai College.