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writer , chemistry professor

Carl DJERASSI, American chemist, educator, author. Award in Pure Chemistry 1958; Medal 1959; Medal 1960; Award 1973; Award in the Chemistry of Contemporary Technological Problems 1983; Award 1969; Award 1971; Award 1973; Medal 1975; Medal of Science 1973 (for synthesis of first oral contraceptive); Award in Medicine and Science 1983; Award for the Industrial Application of Science 1990.


DJERASSI, Carl was born on October 29, 1923 in Vienna. Son of Doctor Samuel Djerassi and Doctor Alice Friedmann.


AB summa cum laude, Kenyon College, 1942. Doctor of Science (honorary), Kenyon College, 1959. Doctor of Philosophy, University Wisconsin, 1945.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University Wisconsin, 1995. Doctor of Science (honorary), National University Mexico, 1953. Doctor of Science (honorary), Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, 1969.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1972. Doctor of Science (honorary), Wayne State University, 1974. Doctor of Science (honorary), Columbia University, 1975.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Uppsala University, 1977. Doctor of Science (honorary), Coe College, 1978. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Geneva, 1978.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University Ghent, 1985. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Manitoba, 1985. Doctor of Science (honorary), Adelphi University, 1993.

Doctor of Science (honorary), University South Carolina, 1995. Doctor of Science (honorary), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1995. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Maryland.- Baltimore County, 1997.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1998. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Aberdeen, 2000. Doctor of Science (honorary), Polytechnic University, 2001.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Cambridge University, 2005. Doctor of Science (honorary), Technology University Dortmund, 2009.


Director of Research, Syntex, S.A., Mexico City 1949-1951, Research Vice-President 1957-1960, President Syntex Research 1968-1972. Association Professor, of Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit 1952-1954, Professor 1954-1959, Stanford University since 1959. President, of the Board Zoecon Corporation (renamed Sandoz Crop Protection Corporation) 1968-1983, Chairman 1968-1988.

Director Cetus Corporation since 1972, Monoclonal Antibodies Inc. since 1988, Vitaphore Corporation since 1987. President Djerassi Foundation Resident Artists Program. Royal Chemical Society Centenary Lecturer 1964.

Royal Sw edish Academy, of Engineering Sciences thirteenth Chemical Lecturer 1969. Swedish Pharmaceutical Society Scheele Lecturer 1972. Chairman 1972-1976.


  • E-mail: djerassi@stanford.edu. M C.



Fellow: Royal Society London (foreign member). Member: National Academy of Sciences (Industrial Application of Science award 1990), Academy Europeae, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (foreign member), Mexico Academy of Sciences, Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Royal Swedish Academy Engineering (foreign member), Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (foreign member), American Academy Pharmaceutical Sciences (honorary), German Academy Leopoldina, American Academy Arts and Sciences, Royal Society Chemistry (honorary fellow, Centenary lecturer 1964), American Chemical Society (award pure chemistry 1958, Baekeland medal 1959, Fritzsche award 1960, award for creative invention 1973, award in chemistry of contemporary technical problems 1983, Esselen award 1989, Priestley medal 1992, Gibbs medal 1997), National Academy of Sciences Institute Medicine, Sigma Xi (Proctor prize for science achievement 1998), Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lambda Upsilon (honorary).


  • Other Interests

    Skiing, modern art, opera, theatre.


Married Virginia Jeremiah (divorced 1950). Married Norma Lundholm (divorced 1976). Children: Dale, Pamela(deceased).

Married Diane W. Middlebrook, 1985 (deceased 2007).

Samuel Djerassi

Alice (Friedmann) Djerassi

Diane W. Middlebrook

Virginia Jeremiah

Norma Lundholm

Dale Djerassi

Pamela Djerassi (deceased)