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Carol O'Connell Edit Profile


Carol O'Connell is an author of crime fiction, with a large series of crime books focusing around the character Kathy Mallory.


Mrs. O'Connell was born in New York, United States, on May 26, 1947. She is a daughter of Norman and Berta O’Connell.


O'Connell gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Arizona State University but was unsuccessful as an artist and began writing novels as a hobby.


Mrs. O'Connell was a proofreader, copyeditor and also a writer. The first book of eleven novels about Mallory is Mallory's Oracle, which was sent to England, where it was successfully auctioned in Europe. When it was brought back to the United States, it was widely sought-after.


  • Carol O'Connell is notable for her writings.