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Chang Cha, Chinese entrepreneur. Vice-president of Dah San Cotton Mil, Chung Ming Dah San Cotton Mill, Kwong Sung Oil Mill and Fu Sing Flour Mill; President of Textile College, Commercial School and Medical School; Managing-Director of Dah Yu Tsing Co., Da Yu Co., Da La Co., Dah Fong Co., and Dah Kong Co., Honorable President of the Girl’s Normal School, Nantun Conservancy Society.


Chang Cha was born in 1948 at Nantungchow, Kiangsu, China.


Chang Cha was educated in the old Chinese school.


Chang Cha took a great interest in business when the value of commerce to the nation was not so well appreciated as at the present time. He devoted his early life to business and his leisure to scholastic work.

At the age of thirty, he served under-General Wu Chang-ching in the capacity of secretary. Upon General Wu’s recommendation, he was promoted by the Peking government to the rank of Magistrate, and was ordered to proceed to Kiangu Province as a candidate. In Kiangsi he held two offices. He was appointed first as Magistrate for Yi-Chun and later as magistrate for Kwei-Chi.

When his brother Mr. Chang Chien organized the present Dah San cotton mill, he was requested to come back to assist in this important undertaking. Since then he has been devoting his whole energy to the development of Nantungchow industrially as well as educationally.

When Revolution broke out in 1911 the civil and military officers of Nantungchow were at a loss to handle the situation. The people elected Mr. Chang Cha as the provisionary civil governor of the city and also as commander-in-chief to maintain order. Mr. Chang Cha handled the situation with great success, and Nantungchow passed the storm without loss of life or property.

When the country was re-united under one Republican government, Mr. Chang Cha at once relinquished the posts as commander-in-chief and civil governor and again retired to industrial life. Whenever Mr. Chang Chien puts forward a new industry, or establishes an educational or a charitable institution, Mr. Chang Cha always lends a helpful hand. Hence every organization and every institution claims his service.


  • In February 1920 Mr. Chang was awarded by the government the Second Order of Chiaho decoration. In March 1923 he was given the Fifth Order of merit.