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Charles Edward BARTLETT Edit Profile

State legislator

Charles Edward BARTLETT, American State Legislator.


BARTLETT, Charles Edward was born on June 16, 1887 in San Francisco, California, United States. Son of Walter A. and Mary (Early).


Grammar School; de Louisiana Salle Institute, Chicago, 111.


Treasurer International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 1916-1924. Member Legislative Committees, Detroit and Michigan State Federation of Labor. Superintendent of cable installation, Detroit Edison Company, past twelve years.

Delegate from 10 Ward, to Wayne County Convention and State of Michigan Convention, since 1921. State reprinted from Wayne County, First District, since 1923. Chairman, Labor Committee, House of Representatives, Michigan, 1925 —.

Lathered amendment to Workmen’6 Compensation Law increasing amount to injured workers from $14 to $18 a week, 1927. Also sponsored various bills for health and safety devices to the factory law. Introduced bill creating pensions for employees of Detroit Board of Education.

Championed bill for reappointment in the House gaining seven Bepr. and two Senators for Wayne Company, 1925. Active in passage of bills for benefit of educational and highway systems. Veteran 111. National Guard.


Clubs: Diana Country, Edison Power, Lincoln Republican, Natives. Address* 3728 14th St., Detroit, Michigan.


Spouse Lilian Murphy, September 22, 1908, Joliet, 111.