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Charles Edward Snyder


Charles Edward Snyder, American clergyman.


Snyder, Charles Edward was born on October 13, 1877 in Hollowville, Columbia County, New York, United States. Son of Marshall and Maria P. (Jones) Snyder.


Life Certificate, University of State of New York, 1900. Graduated from State Teachers College, Oneonta, New York, 1901. Student Meadville Theological School, 1908-1910.

Doctor of Letters, Yankton College, 1929. Doctor of Laws, Morningside College, 1931.


August 31, 1904; children—Robert Gordon, Betty Beach (Mistress Joseph E. Nero), Barbara Ives (Mistress Philip G. Murray, deceased). Teacher district schools. Principal Uniondale School, Hempstead, New York, 1901-1903.

Senior master Lakewood (New Jersey) School for Boys, 1903-1908. Minister First Unitarian Church, Franklin, Pennsylvania, 1908-1911, North Side Church, Pittsburgh, 1911-1917, First Unitarian Church, Sioux City, Iowa, 1917-1931, Davenport, Iowa, 1931-1947, retired Secretary Iowa Unitarian Association, 1918-1946. Member Executive Committee National Federal of Religious Liberals, 1920-1934, chairman, 1927-1934.

Member fellowship committee General Conference of Unitarian Churches, 1921-1924. Director Western Unitarian Conference, 1918-1925, 1928-1932, 1933-1937, 1938-1942, 1943-1947. American Unitarian Association, 1932-1941.

Chairman Unitarian Commision on Planning and Review, 1941-1945.


Member Iowa State Conference of Social Work (vice president 1925-1927, president 1927-1928), Iowa State Housing Association (chairman of the executive committee 1918-1921), Iowa State Tuberculosis Association (chairman housing committee 1922-1925), Davenport Council of Social Work (president 1934-1936). Member Iowa Academy Science, S.A.R. (president Iowa society 1928-1930), Society War of 1812. Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims.

Mason (32°; Grand Chaplain Iowa Grand Lodge 1922-1923. Member Grand Lodge Library Committee 1934-1935. Lecturer Masonic Service Committee).

Member Royal Arcanum (grand regent Iowa Grand Council 1922-1924), Elk. Clubs: Contemporary, History Round Table, Kiwanis.


Married Sara M. Reeder. Children: Robert Gordon, Betty Beach (Mistress Joseph E. Nero), Barbara Ives (Mistress Philip G. Murray, deceased).

Marshall Snyder

Maria P. (Jones) Snyder

Sara M. Reeder.

Barbara Ives (Mistress Philip G. Murray Snyder

deceased) Snyder

Betty Beach Snyder (Mistress Joseph E. Nero)

Robert Gordon Snyder