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Charles Lincoln BROWN Edit Profile

Municipal Court , Presiding Judge

Charles Lincoln BROWN, American Presiding Judge, Municipal Court. Member of Pennsylvania Bar Association; Masons; History Society of Pennsylvania Clubs: Manufacturers, Athletic (Philadelphia).


BROWN, Charles Lincoln was born on July 6, 1864 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Charles and Amanda (Markley) Brown.


Public Schools; University of Pennsylvania, law course.


Admitted to Philadelphia Bar, 1891. Since been engaged in active practice. Elected to Common Council, 1891, 1893, 1903, Select Council, 1894.

Elected to Senate of Pennsylvania, 1896. Appointed Counsel for State Dairy and Food Commission, 1901-1913. Re-elected to Senate, 1904.

Chairman, Republican City Committee Elected Judge, Municipal Court, Philadelphia, 1913, 10 year term. Appointed President Judge, by Governor of Pennsylvania, 1914-1924. Organized administrative divs, and all deptR. of Municipal Court, consisting of Domestic Relations, Juvenile, Women's Misdemeanant^, Men and Boys’ Misdemeanants, Medical, Criminal, and Civil Divisions.

Planned and established the operative functions of Petition, Delinquent, Probation, Employment, Statistical and Accounting departments of said court. Prime mover and inspirer of welfare and social endeavors for human betterment. Delegate to Republic National Convention, 1916, Alternate.Del., 1920.

Reelected Judge, Municipal Court of Philadelphia, 1923, 10 year term. Re-elected by Board of Judges, Presiding Judge, since 1929.


Member of Pennsylvania Bar Association. Masons; History Society of Pennsylvania Clubs: Manufacturers, Athletic (Philadelphia).


Spouse Florence Warren.