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Chen-tao Tsao Edit Profile

also known as Z. D. Zau


He successively served as associate in surgery and genito-urinary.


Chen-tao Tsao was born in Shanghai, Kiangsu, China in 1892.


Mr. Tsao attended St. John's University from 1906 till 1908.

Then from 1908 till 1911 he studied in Shanghai College, Harvard Medical School of China from 1911 till 1916 and Harvard Medical School of Boston Mass., U.S.A., from 1918 till 1921.


Chen-tao Tsao was a personal physician and surgeon to Gen. Chiang Kai-shek and assistant superintendent and chief surgeon of the Central Hospital in Nanking, China from 1929 till 1930.

Then he became Chief surgeon of Public Shanghai Hospital, surgeon-in-charge of Edison General Electric Com., and acting superintendent of the Orthopedic Hospital of Shanghai, China and private practice in general and genito-urinary surgery in Shanghai, China.