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natural medicine educator

Cheng Liang Lee, Chinese natural medicine educator. Recipient Knight Grand Cross, Order of St. Stanislas, Poland, 1997, Grand Prior for China, 1997; named Accadenica Constantiana, Italy, 1997, Lord Pandit, Indian Council Natural Medicine, Bombay, 1997.


Lee, Cheng Liang was born on March 30, 1948 in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Son of King An Lee and Cheung Lang Chung.


Bachelor of Medicine, Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1975. Master of Business Administration, Sun Yet-Sin University, Kaoshing, 1986. Doctor of Medicine, Open International University, Munich, 1994.

Doctor of Philosophy, Open International University, Munich, 1996.


General manager, Taycoon Trade Limited company, Taipei, 1975-1987; sales manager, Rainbow Traditional Chinese Furniture Company Ltd., Tainan, Taiwan, 1975-1987; director, The Queen Vehicle Motor Company Ltd., Kaoshiung, 1975-1987; general manager, The Ever-Ultimate Realty Company Ltd., Kaoshiung, since 1982; director, The Architectural Magazine Company Ltd., Kaoshiung, since 1984; chairperson, The International Management Council, Young Men’s Christian Association, Kaoshiung, 1987-1991; dean, professor, International Qi-Gong U., Imea, China, since 1993; professor, doctor, International Research Institute for Natural Medicine, since 1996; professor, international consultant doctor, Astral International College for Natural Medicine, since 1997. Consultant The Anna Public Relations Limited company, Taipei, 1975-1987.


Married Pi Chu Chiang, December 6, 1948. Children: Way, Chin-Yu, Jim, Sukoo, Yiling.

King An Lee

Cheung Lang Chung

Pi Chu Chiang

Sukoo Lee

Jim Lee

Yiling Lee

Chin-Yu Lee

Way Lee