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Chi-feng Hsia Edit Profile


Hsia Chi-feng was a Chinese official at the League of Nations.


Mr. Hsia was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, in 1889.


He graduated from the Nanhui Middle School in 1911.


Hsia Chi-feng went to France in 1916 as an interpreter-foreman with the Chinese Labor Corps attached to the British expeditionary forces. He returned to China after the armistice and contributed a series of articles to various publications dealing with labor conditions in Europe. Mr. Hsia was appointed labor and diplomatic editor of the Eastern Times in 1919 and assisted in the organization of the Returned Chinese Laborers Assocation, of which he became president.

In 1921, he again went to Europe as a special correspondent for the Eastern Times, Shanghai and as unofficial publicity agent for the Chinese delegation to the League of Nations. Mr. Hsia was a member of the information section of the League of Nations in Geneva 1923-1928. He was a member of the Treaty Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.