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Chia-heng Lo Edit Profile


Chia-heng Lo was a Chinese lawyer.


He was born in Kian, Kiangsi, China in 1886.


Mr. Lo studied political economy at Waseda University in Japan. After graduation he returned to China and received a Chu-Jen (M.A.) degree from the Board of Education.


Chia-heng Lo appointed director of the political department and concurrently director of the internal affairs department of Kiangsi, president of Kiangsi College of Law, member of the first Parliament of the Republic of China, editor of the Minn Chu Pao and East Asia News at Peking in 1911.

Mr. Lo practiced law at Hankow in 1914-1917, was adviser to the Kwangtung Military Government in 1917, vice-Minister of Agriculture and Commerce in 1922, president of University of Civilization at Peking in 1925.