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customs official

Huang Ching-yu was a Chinese Customs worker and writer.


Mr. Huang was born in Wuhu, Anhui, China, in 1895.


Huang Ching-yu graduated from the Wuhu Union Academy and Nanjing University.


Mr. Huang was a director of the Wuhu Y.M.C.A. after finishing college. He joined the staff of the Wuhu Customs in 1915. Mr. Huang was a chairman of the reorganization committee of the Wuhu Customs within the 50-K zone in 1929. Later he held the office of Native Customs assistant and was an officer in charge of the Yuchi station, Wuhu Native Customs.


  • Huang Ching-yu held high positions at the Wuhu Customs.


  • book

    • Wuhu Native Customs Guide