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Chiung-Sun Chang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Chiung-shen


Chang Chiung-Sun devoted his life to journalism and worked for several newspapers and even put out his own newspaper "International United Press".


Mr. Chang was born in Yihsien, Shantung in 1889.


Chang Chiung-Sun received his education at home.


After receiving his education at home, Chang Chiung-Sun entered newspaper work and obtained his journalistic training at Peking during the closing years of the Ching Dynasty. In 1913 after establishment of the Republic, he became editor of the Asia Magazine in Mukden and soon later joined the staff of the Far Eastern Daily at Dairen and Shengking Times at Mukden.

In 1918, he established his own paper, International United Press, taking charge of the editorial column himself and devoting the paper to discussion of Chinese problems vis-a-vis Japan and Russia. Under his management and direction, the paper made rapid progress and its circulation reached the figure of 7,000 copies.


  • book

    • "Soviet Russia and Its Far EasternDiplomatic Policy"

    • "The Manchurian and Mongolian Problems Amidst National Disaster"

    • "The Five-Year Economic Plan of Soviet Russia"

    • "A Study of the International Relations of Pacific States"

    • "The Problem of Chinese Eastern Railway"