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Chung-tao Li Edit Profile

also known as Herbert Chung-tao Lee


Chung-tao Li was a Chinese lawyer.


He was born in Soochow, Kiangsu, China on April 29, 1900.


He graduated from the middle school of Nanyang College in 1918, after which he went to Japan to study Japanese language and literature for one year. He also studied law at the Comparative Law School of China in 1920-1924 and was elected to the Phi Tau Phi Society.

After that Mr. Li went to America and entered the University of Michigan, from which he received his Master of Laws degree in 1925. He also studied political science and economics at Michigan until he entered North-Western University, Chicago in 1926, received his Juris Doctor degree from North-Western in 1927, his thesis being on "The Progress and Present Condition of Codification and Law Reform in China".


Chung-tao Li returned to China in 1927 and for one term was instructor and proctor at the Chekiang Provincial Middle School No. 4 at Ningpo. He resigned this position to engage in law practice in Shanghai. He was also a correspondent in China for the International Student, organ of the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association.