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Clarence CANNON, American Congressman.


CANNON, Clarence was born on April 11, 1879 in Elsberry, Missouri.


Hannibal-Louisiana Grange Junior. College; Wm. Jewell College; Missouri University; Married; two daughters


Hannibal-Louisiana Grange Junior College. Wm. Jewell College; Missouri U. Two daughters. Admitted to State and Federation bars and entered the practice of law at Troy, Missouri Parliamentarian of House of Representative under Democratic and Republican administrations.

Volunteered for World War. Parliamentarian of Democratic National. Convs. at San Francisco, 1920, at New York., 1924, and at Houston, 1928.

Editor of two editions of Manual and Digest of House of Representative. Author of A Synopsis of the Procedure of the House, of Procedure in House of Representative, of Cannon’s Procedure, published by resolutions of the House, and of Convention Parliamentary Manual, published by Democratic National. Committee; Author of Treatise on Parliamentary Law in Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Editor and Compiler of Precedents of House of Representative by act of Congress. Elected to 68 Congress, re-elected to 69-71 Congresses.