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Clarence Joseph Morley

politician , Governor of Colorado

Clarence Joseph Morley, American governor. Served as public administrator, Denver, 4 years; member State Board of Pardons 4 years; Member Colorado and Denver bar associations; Mason (32 degree, Kansas City.C.H.).


Morley, Clarence Joseph was born on February 9, 1869 in Dyersville, Iowa, United States. Son of John and Mary Dyer (Plaister) Morley.


Graduated from the high school, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1886. Bachelor of Laws, University of Denver, 1899.


He was a Republican. Before becoming governor he was a judge in Denver, Colorado. He was virulently anti-Catholic and is reputedly one of the most extreme governors in the state's history. After office, Morley established C.J. Morley & Company, a stock brokerage firm in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was convicted of mail fraud and imprisoned.


God seeks to transform relationship with and between people. If politics is about how we choose to live together and to treat one another, there is surely a place for discerning the activity of God in politics.


A true Christian should help those in need, regardless of religious affiliation.


Served as public administrator, Denver, 4 years. Member State Board of Pardons 4 years. Member Colorado and Denver bar associations.

Mason (32 degree, Kansas City.C.H.). Clubs: Cosmopolitan, Lions (honorary), High Twelve (honorary).*‡.

  • Cosmopolitan, Lions (honorary)

  • High Twelve (honorary)

  • State Board of Pardons

  • KKK


Married Maud M. Thompson, of Cedar Falls, July 2, 1893. Children: Mistress Katharine Morley Shelton, Harold T., Clarence J., Mary C.

John Morley

Mary Dyer (Plaister) Morley

Maud M. Thompson

Mistress Katharine Morley Shelton Morley

Harold T. Morley

Mary C. Morley

Clarence J. Morley