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Claude Charles Bloch Edit Profile

military , Navy officer

Claude Charles Bloch, American navy officer. member General Board, 1942-1946.


Claude Charles Bloch was born on July 12, 1878 in Woodbury, Kentucky, United States.


Student, Ogden College, Ky.


He was appointed to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1895 from the Third Congressional District in Kentucky. While he was still a Cadet, Bloch served aboard battleship USS Iowa during the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. Bloch assisted in rescue of Spanish sailors from the burning enemy ships and was subsequently awarded with Specially Meritorious Service Medal. He graduated from the Naval Academy on January 28, 1899 with the rank of passed midshipman.


Member General Board, 1942-1946.


Married Augusta Kent, March 3, 1903.

Augusta Kent