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Crispin Tickell, environmentalist.


Tickell, Crispin was born on August 25, 1930.


Student, Westminster School. Graduate with 1st class honors, Oxford University, England, 1952. Doctor (honorary), Academy Mexico Derecho International, 1989.

Doctor (honorary), University Stirling, 1990. Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Massachusetts, 1990. Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Birmingham, 1991.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Bristol, 1991. Doctor of Science (honorary), University East Anglia, 1990. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Sussex, 1991.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Cranfield University, 1992. Doctor of Science (honorary), Loughborough University, 1995. Doctor of Science (honorary), Exeter University, 1999.

Data Control Language (honorary), Kent University, 1996. Data Control Language (honorary), Sheffield University, 1996. Data Control Language (honorary), East London University, 1998.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Hull University, 2000. Doctor of Science (honorary), Plymouth University, 2001. Doctor of Science (honorary), St. Andrews University, 2002.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Southampton University, 2002. Doctor of Science (honorary), Oxford Brookes University, 2002. Doctor of Science (honorary), University du Littonal, 2002.


With foreign office British Diplomatic Service, 1954-1955. With British Embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1955-1958, Mexico, 1958-1961, member planning staff foreign office, 1961-1964, with Paris, 1964-1970, British ambassador to Mexico, 1981-1983. Private secretary Chancellors of Duchy of Lancaster, 1970-1972.

Head western organization department Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1972-1975. Deputy under-secretary of state Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1983-1984. Permanent secretary Overseas Development Administration, 1984-1987.

British permanent representative Security Council United Nations, 1987-1990. Chairman International Institute for Environmental and Development, 1990-1994. Warden Green College, Oxford, 1990-1997.

Chancellor University Kent, Canterbury, England, since 1996. Chairman Climate Institute, Washington, 1990—2002. Director Center for Environmental Policy and Understanding Green College, since 1992.

Chairman board Earth Center, South Yorkshire, England, since 1996. Convenor Government Panel on Sustainable Development, 1994-2001. Chairman Advisory Committee on Darwin Initiative for Survival of Species, 1992-1999.

Chairman Earthwatch Europe, 1991-1997. Member advisory committee on environmental International Council for Science, since 1996, chairman, since 1998. Board directors Govett Enhanced Income Investment Trust.

Visiting fellow Center for Environmental Harvard University, since 2002.


Trustee Baring Foundation, 1992—2002, British Museum Natural History, 1992-2001, World Wide Fund for Nature, United Kingdom, 1993-1999, Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1997-2001. Governor Ditchley Foundation. Senior advisor Global Environmental Facility.

Vice president Population Concern. Member China Council for International Cooperative in Environmental and Development, since 1991. Member council St. George's House, Windsor, England, 1992-1999.

Member Committee for Public Understanding of Science, 1991-1994. Member environmental advisory council European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1991-1994, since 2000. Overseer Thomas J. Watson Junior Institute for International Studies, Brown University, Providence.

Member Government Task Forces on Urban Regeneration, 1998-1999, Government Task Force on Near Earth Objects, 2000. Overseer International Research Institute Climate Prediction Columbia University, since 2002. Fellow Chartered Institution Water and Environmental Management (honorary), Royal Scottish Geography Society.

Member Marine Biological Association (president 1990-2001), Gaia Society (president 1998-2001), National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection (president 1997-1999). Fellow Center International Affairs, Harvard University, 1975-1976. Chef de cabinet to president Commission of European Union, 1977-1981.

Visiting fellow All Souls College, Oxford, 1981.


Married Chloe Gunn, 1954 (dissolved 1976). 3 children; Married Penelope Thorne Thorne, 1977.

Penelope Thorne Thorne

Chloe Gunn