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Dadash Khodzha oglv Buniatzade

politician , Cheka official

Dadash Khodzha oglv Buniatzade, USSR Cheka official, politician.


Buniatzade, Dadash Khodzha oglv was born on April 8, 1888 in near Baku. Son of an Azerbaidzhani peasant.


Became a worker and Bolshevik agitator, 1908. Active in the Caucasus among local Muslims. Cheka official in Baku, 1918.

One of the organizers of the Bolshevik takeover in Azerbaidzhan, 1920. Azerbaidzhani Minister of Education, Food, Agriculture. One of the main organizers of the complete communist re-organization of the way of life of the local Moslems.

Arrested, probably shot.