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Dan Reitz Edit Profile

State legislator

Dan Reitz, state legislator. Member of United Mine Workers (legislation director 1995-1999).


Reitz, Dan was born in 1956.


Member Randolph County Board Commissioners, since 1986, chairman, 1989—1990, 1993—1994. Vice president Ill County Board Association, 1993—1995, president, 1996, Southwestern Ill Planning Council Exe.c Board, 1996—1997. With Peabody Coal Company.

Member Randolph County Farm Bureau, Public Aid Welfare Service Committee, Randolph County Progress Committee, Randolph County Housing Authority, Southwestern Ill Law Enforcement Committee Executive Council, Scott Joint Use Committee, Governor's Task Force Workers' Compensation, Western Egyptian Economic Opportunity Council. Chairman Southwestern Ill Freeway Team, since 1989, Tri-County Development Council, since 1996. Member District 116 Illinois House of Representatives, since 1999.

Historian Ill Association County Officials, 1997.


Member of United Mine Workers (legislation director 1995-1999).


Married Joyce Reitz; children: Nathan, Nicholas, Natalie.

Joyce Reitz

Nathan Reitz

Nicholas Reitz

Natalie Reitz