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Daniel Edward Bandmann

actor , rancher

Daniel Edward Bandmann, German actor, rancher. Member Garrick.


Bandmann, Daniel Edward was born on November 1, 1840 in in Hesse Cassel, Germany. Son of Solomon and Rebecca (Ratz) Bandmann.


Self-educated in German, French and English.


Made first appearance in German Theatre, New York, 1858. Went to Germany, 1859, played in New Strelitz Court Theatre, Prague, and in Vienna and Budapest as a star. Ill health caused return to New York, 1862.

Starred in German Theatre. Appeared in English at Niblo’s Garden Theatre, New York, 1863, as Shylock, later as Othello, Iago, Richelieu, Narcisse, for 6 years in the United States, then in England, Ireland and Scotland, and afterward in Australia. Played Hamlet in San Francisco, 1880, with Clara Morris as Ophelia, later took 2d tour as star in Australia, and extended it to India, China and the Malay Peninsula.

The play “The Rightful Heir” was written for him by Lord Lytton in 1869, Tom Taylor wrote for him “Dead or Alive,” and was original in the United States of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” in which starred until 1890, when left stage to go into business of stock raising and mining in Montana.


Member Garrick.


Married Marie Theresa Kelly, November 1890.

Solomon Bandmann

Rebecca (Ratz) Bandmann

Marie Theresa Kelly