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Daniel T. Arap Moi Edit Profile

president of Kenya

Daniel T. Arap Moi, former president of Kenya. Member Rift Valley Education Board, Kalenjin Language Committee; chairman Rift Valley Provincial Court.


Moi, Daniel T. Arap was born in 1924 in Sacho, Baringo District, Kenya, WORLD0.


Educated, African Mission School, A.I.M. School, Government African School.


Teacher, 1945-1957; head teacher, Government African School, Kabarnet, Kenya, 1946-1948, 55-57; now president, Government of Kenya, Nairobi. Teacher Tambach Teacher Training School, Kabarnet, 1948-1954. African representative member Legislation Council, 1957-1963.

Chairman Kenya African Democratic Union, 1960-1961. Mem.Ho. of Representatives, since 1961. Parliamentary secretary Ministry of Education, 1961.

Minister of education, 1961-1962, minister of local government, 1962-1964, minister of home affairs, 1964-1967. President Kenya African National Union for Rift ValleyProvince, 1966-1967, 82-. Vice president of Kenya, 1967-1978, former minister of home affairs.

President of Kenya, commander-in-chief of Armed Forces, since 1978.


Member Rift Valley Education Board, Kalenjin Language Committee. Chairman Rift Valley Provincial Court.