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pedagogue , translator , writer , poet

Daniil ATNILOV, USSR Dagestan (Tat) poet and writer; translator; pedagogue.


ATNILOV, Daniil was born in 1913 in Derbent, Dagestan.


Graduated Moscow Polygraphic Technicum. Graduated Lit. Faculty, Dagestan Pedagogical Institute, Makhachkala.


During World War II served at the front, first as a scout and then as a war correspondent. Has translated into Tat verse of Pushkin, Lermontov, Marshak and Barto and stories of Gorky, etc. PubL: 1935 first work published.

Collected verse and novelettes “The Waves of the Heart” (1949). Book “The Image of Time” (1954). Books in Russian “Svetlye cherty” (Bright Features) and “Malchik Nakhshun” (The Boy Nakhshun), etc.

Children's verse “The First Lesson”. “This is How it Happens”, etc. Verse “Vernaya zvezda” (The Faithful Star) (1961), translated from Tat into Russian.