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David Ionovich BRONSHTEYN

chess player

David BRONSHTEYN, USSR Chess player. USSR Grand Master of Chess since 1948; Master of Sport of USSR for chess.


BRONSHTEYN, David was born in 1924.


1940 placed 2nd in Ukrainia Championship. 1946 Moscow Champion. 1948 Champion, International Tournament, Stockholm.

1948 and 1949 tied with A. A. Kotov and V. V. Smyslov for 1st place in USSR Championship. 1950 tied with I. Yc. Boleslavsky in Budapest.

1950 won the right to a world championship match against M. M. Botvinnik, which he drew in 1951. 1958 member, USSR national chess team at 13th World Chess Olympics, Munich. 1960 competed in international tournament at Mar-dcl-Plato, Argentina.