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David Gahan Edit Profile

also known as David Callcott

singer , songwriter

Dave Gahan is an british singer, songwriter. He is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter for the band Depeche Mode.


Gahan was born on May 9, 1962 in Epping, Essex, United Kingdom; the son of Len Callcott and Sylvia.


Gahan graduated from Barstable School in 1978. Also he studied at Southend Technical College.


Gahan joined the band Composition of Sound in 1980, which was soon renamed Depeche Mode. Three of Gahan's songs appeared on 2005's album Playing the Angel: "Suffer Well", "I Want It All" and "Nothing's Impossible."

Three Gahan`s songs, co-written with Christian Eigner and Andrew Phillpott, appeared on the band's twelfth album, Sounds of the Universe: "Hole to Feed", "Come Back" and "Miles Away / The Truth Is". He also wrote the lyrics to the B-side "Oh Well".

In 2003, he released his first solo album, Paper Monsters, followed by the Paper Monsters Tour, singing both his new solo tracks and Depeche Mode fan favourites. In addition to his singing career, in 2005, David also appeared as model and spokesperson of the Swedish mid-range fashion retailer J. Lindeberg and its S/S 2006 menswear line.

He did a collaboration in 2003 with Junkie XL and handled the vocals for a song called "Reload" for this Dutch DJ's album, Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin. Then in 2009, David released the album, Hourglass, which was accompanied working by Andrew Phillpott and Christian Eigner. He wrote the songs for that album such as "Kingdom" and "Saw Something / Deeper and deeper". Also Gahan sang vocals on the track "Nostalgia".

David is the lead singer and lyricist on Soulsavers' fourth studio album, The Light the Dead See and the fifth studio album, Angels & Ghosts. In 2013, Depeche Mode's thirteenth album Delta Machine was released and Gahan wrote the songs "Broken", "Secret to the End", the single "Should Be Higher" and two B-sides, "Happens All the Time" and "All That's Mine". On Depeche Mode's 2017 album Spirit, Gahan was a co-writer of the songs "You Move", "Cover Me", "Poison Heart" and "No More (This Is the Last Time)".


  • Gahan is known as the main Depeche Mode songwriter to the band's most recent albums such as "Playing the Angel", 2005, "Sounds of the Universe", 2009, "Delta Machine", 2013 and Spirit, 2017.


Quotations: "Music is still the one thing that ties people together. People can come together from all different religions, walks of life, colours, creeds and enjoy the same song.That's still the most incredible thing to me about performing live."

"New York is a great place to feel inspired all the time."


On 5 August 1985 David Gahan married Joanne Fox. They have a son, Jack. Then in 1992, he married Teresa Conroy, with whom he divorced in 1996. Three years later David married Jennifer Sklias. They have a daughter and Jennifer's son from a previous relationship, whom Gahan officially adopted in 2010.

Len Callcott - bus driver

Sylvia Ruth - conductress

Sue Gahan

Peter Gahan

Phil Gahan

Jack Gahan - administrator

first wife:
Joanne Fox - Actress

second wife:
Teresa Conroy - American - journalist
Teresa Conroy - second wife of David Gahan

She is a former Depeche Mode publicist

Jennifer Sklias - American - Actress
Jennifer Sklias - wife of David Gahan

James Nicholas Rogers-Gahan

Stella Rose Gahan