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David Bennett Hill


David Bennett Hill, American senator. member of New York Assembly, 1871-1872.


Hill, David Bennett was born on August 29, 1843 in Havana, New York, United States. Son of Caleb and Eunice (Durfey) Hill.


Educated district schools and Havana Academy.


Admitted to bar, 1864. Delegate Democratic State convs., 1868-1880 (chairman 1877, 1881). Member of New York Assembly, 1871-1872.

City attorney, 1865, alderman, 1880 and 1881, mayor, 1882, Elmira, New York. Lieutenant governor of New York, 1882-1885, governor, 1885-1891. United States senator, 1891-1897.

Prominent candidate for presidential nomination in National Democratic Convention, 1892. Candidate for government, New York, 1894, defeated. President New York State Bar Association, 1886-1887.


  • He was a United States Senator from New York from 1892 to 1897. He was elected in February 1891, but took his seat only after the end of his term as governor in January 1892. He was also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 1892, but lost to Grover Cleveland, who later won the presidential election. He was defeated by Republican Levi P. Morton when, as a sitting U.S senator, he ran again for Governor in November 1894. While Senator in 1893 and 1894 he blocked President Cleveland's two appointments to the United States Supreme Court: William B. Hornblower and Wheeler H. Peckham who had opposed Hill's political machine.


  • 1904

    • over $1,500,000 was awarded by the Supreme Court in


Member of New York Assembly, 1871-1872.


Caleb Hill

Eunice (Durfey) Hill