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David Lubin Edit Profile

Agriculturist , Merchant

David Lubin was an American agriculturist and merchant.


He was born at Klodowa, in Russian Poland, on June 10, 1849. In 1853 the family fled to England, and from there they went to the United States. Lubin was brought up in New York City.


He received a scant education in New York City.


In 1874 he moved to Sacramento, Calif. There he opened a small dry-goods store, which prospered rapidly, and soon he had the largest mail-order business on the West Coast. A visit to the Holy Land in 1884 inspired Lubin with the zeal for reform, and on his return to the United States he became a vigorous agitator on behalf of the fruit growers of California. He succeeded in organizing the California Fruit Growers Association and campaigned for a scheme of protection and subsidies for farmers. His outlook gradually became more international, and in 1896 he first outlined his plan for an International Institute of Agriculture, to serve as a clearinghouse and information center on agricultural and crop conditions throughout the world. In 1905 he finally succeeded in interesting King Victor Emmanuel of Italy in his scheme and in 1910 the Institute was founded at Rome by a treaty ratified by 46 nations. Lubin represented the United States on the permanent board of the organization for the remainder of his life.

In addition, Lubin wrote essays and treatises. His novel, Let There be Light, proposed a universal world religion.


  • He was a central figure in founding the International Institute of Agriculture in 1908, in Rome, Italy. The Institute's goals were to help farmers share knowledge, produce systematically, establish a cooperative system of rural credit, and have control over the marketing of their products.

    The library of the Institute is named in honor of David Lubin - The David Lubin Memorial Library.


  • Other Interests

    He took a keen interest in farmers' co-operative societies and granges and was interested in oceanic shipping.


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