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David Rockefeller

David ROCKEFELLER, American banker born 12 June 1915, New York.


ROCKEFELLER, David was born on June 12, 1915 in New York, United States. Son of John Davison Jr. and Abby Greene (nee Aldrich) Rockefeller.


Bachelor of Science, Harvard College, 1936. Student, London School of Economics. Doctor of Philosophy, University Chicago, 1940.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Columbia University, 1954. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Bowdoin College, 1958. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Jewish Theological Seminary, 1958.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Williams College, 1966. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Wagner College, 1967. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Harvard University, 1969.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), Pace College, 1970. Doctor of Laws (honorary), St. John's University, 1971. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Middlebury, 1974.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Liberia, 1979. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Rockefeller University, 1980. Doctor of Laws (honorary), American University, 1987.

Doctor of Laws (honorary), University Miami, 1988. Doctor of Engineering (honorary), Colorado School Mines, 1974. Doctor of Engineering (honorary), University Notre Dame, 1987.


Assistant Regional Director United States Office of Defense 1941-1942. Officer of Defense, Health and Welfare, United States Army 1942-1945. Foreign Department Chase National Bank 1946-1948, Second Vice-President 1948-1949, Vice President 1949-1951, Senior Vice-President 1951-1955.

Executive Vice-President Chase Manhattan Bank 1955-1957, Director 1957-1981, Vice-Chairman Board of directors 1957-1961, President and Chairman Executive Committee 1961-1969, Chief Executive Officer 1969-1980, Chair, of Board 1969-1981, Chairman Institute Advisory Committee since 1981. Chairman Rockefeller University 1950-1975, Chair Executive Committee since 1975, Council on Foreign Relations and other chairmanships. Chairman Museum of Modem Art.

Chairman Emeritus Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Trustee Rockefeller Family Fund, John F. Kennedy Library, Chicago University, Life Trustee since 1966. Director and Chairman Rockefeller Group Inc., New York Clearing House 1971-1979, Institute Executive Service Corps, Chairman 1964-1968.

Honorary Doctor of Laws from 11 Universities. Honorary D.Eng. (Colorado School of Mines) 1974. Grand Officier, Legion d'honneur.

Numerous American and foreign.


Active Urban Development Corporation, New York State Business Advisory Council, 1968-1972, United States Advisory Committee on Reform on International Monetary System, 1973-1977, United States executive committee Dartmouth Conference Board Institute International Economics, American Friends of London School of Economics, United States Honorary Fellows London School of Economics, Business Committee for Arts. Founding member Commission on White House Fellows, honorary member, 1964-1965. Executive committee, chairman Downtown Lower Manhattan Association, 1958-1975.

Trustee Rockefeller University, 1940-1995, Carnegie Endowment International Peace, History Hudson Valley, 1981-1995. Chairman Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 1981-1987, vice-chairman, 1968-1980. Honorary trustee Rockefeller Family Fund.

Life trustee University Chicago. Trustee, chairman emeritus, Museum Modern Art, New York City. Board overseers Harvard College, 1954-1960, 62-68.

Co-founder Trilateral Commission, 1973-1991, North America chairman 1981-1992, honorary chairman, 1992. Honorary chairman International House, since 1940, director, 1940-1963. President Morningside Heights, Inc., 1947-1957, chairman, 1957-1965.

Chairman American Society, 1981-1992, honorary chairman, since 1992, New York City Partnership, 1979-1988. Captain Army of the United States, 1942-1945, North African Theatre of Operations, European Theatre of Operations. Member Council Foreign Relations (director 1949-1951, vice president 1951-1970, chairman 1970-1985), Japan Society (honorary chairman), International House (honorary chairman), Bilderberg Conference, Harvard Club, University Club, Century Club, The Links, The Knickerbocker.


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Married Margaret McGrath, September 7, 1940 (deceased March 1996). Children: David, Abby A., Neva, Margaret D., Richard G., Eileen M.

John Davison Rockefeller Junior

Abby Greene (Aldrich) Rockefeller

Margaret McGrath

David Rockefeller

Abby A. Rockefeller

Neva Rockefeller

Margaret D. Rockefeller

Richard G. Rockefeller

Eileen M. Rockefeller