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company executive

David Lynn Neal, American company executive.


Neal, David Lynn was born on February 20, 1948 in Louisville. Son of William Thomas and Doris (Breeden) Neal.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University Louisville, 1971. Postgraduate, Purdue University, 1972. Postgraduate, University Washington, 1978.

Postgraduate, Pepperdine, Los Angeles, 1983.


Engineering, Radio Corporation of America, Indianapolis, 1971-1973; applications engineer, Motorola Semiconductor, Phoenix, Arizona, 1973-1974; marketing engineering, Esterline Angus, Indianapolis, 1974-1978; product manager, John Fluke Manufacturing Company, Everett, Washington sales, product manager, Acurex, Mountain View, California, 1978-1983; president, Advanced Industrial Systems, Inc., since 1983. Guest instructor United States Environmental Protection Agency, Institute on Air Pollution Instrumentation, 1976-1980. Guest speaker, track leader Test and Measurement World Expo, 1982;representative county West Instruments, Chicago, since 1984, Yellow Springs (Ohio) Instruments.


God, who is heard throughout the Bible, calls for justice for the widows, orphans and aliens who were oppressed by the powers of the day. Therefore the involvement in political life is something that Christians should not avoid.


Church members should be close and caring to feel each other's pains and problems. The good of the whole body of the Christian society should be put before individual needs.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: music, computers, machinery, electronics.


Married Kay C Chappell, February 12, 1971.

William Thomas Neal

Doris (Breeden) Neal

Kay C Chappell