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journalist , writer

Deb Price is an American writer, editor and reporter for a number of different periodicals.


Mrs. Price was born in Lubbock, Texas, United States, on February 27, 1958. She is a daughter of Jane Price.


Deb Price was a graduate of Stanford University, from which she received two degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts (1981).


Mrs. Price occupied the position of a reporter for the Northern Virginia Sun in 1983 and States News Service, Washington, DC, from 1983 to 1984. Deb Price served as an editor for The Washington Post, Washington, DC, between 1984 and 1989. She worked for The Detroit News, Washington, DC, holding the post of a Deputy Washington Bureau Chief in 1989-1993, starting from 1992 nationally syndicated columnist on gay and lesbian issues.


  • Deb Price is a notable journalist and writer who has received a great number of awards for her works.


Quotations: "Charting unknown territory, in which many of my readers did not even know an openly gay person, 1 chose a very personal style, inviting readers into my home life. The first column, for example, described how awkward it was for me to try to introduce the woman I love to my boss because no universal language exists to describe gay couples. ‘So tell me, America, how do I introduce Joyce?’ The question invited responses from everyone—whether gay or straight, delighted or hateful or just curious. And that invitation reflected my goal as a columnist: to bridge a gap between the gay and heterosexual communities, to get an open and honest dialogue started. To do that, I opened up my life and assured all readers 1 would present a completely new way of covering gay people and issues. My topics have been varied and thought-provoking and include: gay parents, a street in Provincetown where gay couples feel comfortable holding hands, gays in the military, and the selective use of the Bible throughout American history to support prejudice and discrimination."


Deb Price is to be a companion of Joyce Murdoch, an American writer.

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Joyce Murdoch - American - writer
Joyce Murdoch - companion of Deb Price