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Debra Garrett Phillips Edit Profile

Debra Garrett Phillips, American medical/surgical nurse. Registered Nurse, Alabama, Michigan; certified in chemotherapy.


Phillips, Debra Garrett was born on April 18, 1965 in Talladega County, Alabama, United States. Daughter of Josie S. Garrett.


Bachelor of science in nursing, Jacksonville (Alabama) State University, 1988.


Nurse technician, N.E. Regional Medical Center, Anniston, Alabama, 1987-1988;charge nurse, medical unit, Citizen's Hospital, Talladega, Alabama, 1989-1990;charge nurse, medical unit, Medical Intensive Care Unit VA Medical Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1990.


The purpose of human existence is to love, worship, and serve God in thought, word, and deed, and, grounded in this relationship with God, to love and serve others.


Manifestations religious freedom include supporting separation of church and state, advocating for people everywhere to be guaranteed the right to worship free from discrimination, and lifting up respectful dialog as a healthy means to understanding.


To develop a close relationship with God could be done through many avenues, namely, reading the Bible, praying, praising, worshiping, and telling others of the Gospel.


  • Other Interests

    Avocation: tai kwon do karate.