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Didier Jacques MIGAUD


Didier Jacques MIGAUD, French Deputy.


MIGAUD, Didier Jacques was born on June 6, 1952 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France. Parents: Jacques Migaud and Denyse Migaud (née Julliot).


Nevers College; University of Law, Lyon. Diploma of the Institute of Political Studies, Lyon. Diploma of Higher Studies in Public Law.

Diploma of Higher Studies in Politics.


Head of Mission, Isère Department Council, 1976-1978, Director of Chairman’s Office, 1978-1985. General Secretary of Services, Department of Isère, 1982-1985. Adviser to the Chairman of the National Assembly, 1985-1986, Head of Mission to the Mediator, since 1986.

Member of Administrative Council of Atomic Energy Commissariat, 1984-1988. Regional Councillor, Rhône-Alpes. Member of Office, Vice-chairman of Budgetary Affairs Committee and member of Research Committee of Regional Council, since 1986.

First Secretary, Isère Socialist Party Federation, Senior Vice-Chairman, Isère Socialist and Radical Left Group. Elected Socialst Deputy for Isère, since 1988.