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multimedia artist

Dieter Jung, German multimedia artist. Achievements include research in multimedia holography and LightArt; research in laser installations ORACULUM; research in light installations Strings, Light in Flight; development of holokinetic mobiles; development of HoloMobiles XYZ and transoptical mobiles; development of floor holograms, 2001.


Jung, Dieter was born on October 9, 1941 in Bad Wildungen, Germany. Son of Helmut and Helene Jung.


Studied theology, Kirchliche Hochschule, Berlin, 1962—1963. Studied holography, New York School Holography, 1977. Master of Arts in Fine Arts, University Arts, Berlin, 1968.

Diploma, German Film and television Academy, Berlin, 1974.


Professor creative holography and light art Academy Media Arts Cologne, Germany, 1990—2007. Guest professor University Federal da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil, 1975. Member founding council Academy Media Arts (KHM), Cologne, 1991—1992.

Member board trustees Center Art and Media/Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 1992—1996. Visiting professor Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan, since 2003. Member Massachusetts Institute of Technology advisory council Art-Science Technology.

Guest lecturer in field various workshops and exhibitions.


  • Achievements include research in multimedia holography and LightArt. Research in laser installations ORACULUM. Research in light installations Strings, Light in Flight.

    Development of holokinetic mobiles. Development of HoloMobiles XYZ and transoptical mobiles. Development of floor holograms, 2001.


  • Other Work

    • Editor: (book) Holographic Network, 2003 (Shearwater Foundation, 2003). Director (exhibitions) Academy Künste, 1997. Exhibitions include Museum Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, 1974, Museum Art, São Paulo, 1975, 1985, Cultural Association Humboldt, Caracas, Venezuela, 1979, Pointdexter Gallery, New York City, 1981, Écriture Holographique, La Revue Blaise Gautier, Center George Pompidou, Paris, 1982, Goethe House, New York City, 1983, Hara Museum Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 1984, Hong Kong Arts Center, 1984, Kluuvin Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 1985, Museum Quebec, Canada, Museum Holography, New York City, 1986, Center Advanced Visual Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1987, Gallery Marrozini, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1988, Paris Art Center, 1990, Art Center Zamalek, Cairo, 1991, Kunsthalle Berlin, 1992, Ulmer Museum, Ulm, Goethe Institute, Madrid, Palais Luxembourg, Paris, 1993, Escola Belas Artes, Salvador, Brazil, 1993, Gallery Schoeller, Düsseldorf, Germany, 1998, Trinitatiskirche, Cologne, 1999, Kibela Gallery, Maribor, Slavonia, 2002, Museum Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, 2003, Kun Shan University, Tainan, Ateliers Pro Arte, Budapest, Hungary, 2004, Shantou University, Guangdong, China, 2005, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Imperial City Art Museum Beijing, A-Space, 2007, Oroom Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2008, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2008, Lin and Keng Gallery, exhibited in group shows at Nouvelle École Berlin, Gallery Motte, Geneva, Milan, Paris, 1968, New York Studio School, 1969, Kunsthalle, Baden, 1971, Hamburg, Gallery San Diego, Bogota, Columbia, 1974, Museum National Monaco, Monte Carlo, 1976, Gallery Denise René, New York City, 1977, New York Avant Garde Festival World Trade Center, Museum Holography, New York City, 1979, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Museum Natural History, Beijing, 1981, Science Museum, London, 1983, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, National Center Performing Arts, Bombay, 1985, National Geography Society Explorer's Hall, Washington, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, Museum Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 1986, Center Contemporary Art Montreal, Canada, Poetry Festival, Oslo, Norway, Museum Photographs, Florence, Italy, 1987, Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey, National Museum of Science, Ottawa, Montreal, Yeshiva University Museum, New York City, 1988, Museum of Science, Los Angeles, Kunst Museum, Duesseldorf, 1990, Museum Fundaciô Joan Mirô, Barcelona, 1992, Daimaru Museum, Tokyo, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Cambridge, Academy Künst, 1996, Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin, United Nations Educational, Paris, 1997, Gallery Contemporary Art, Venice, Italy, 1999, Charlottenborg Museum, Copenhagen, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000, V2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, SkyArt, Delphi and Ikaria, Greece, 2001, College Fine Arts, Paddington, Sydney, Australia, Duolun Museum Modern Art, Shanghai, 2005, Center Pompidou, Paris, 2006, Museum Contemporary Art, Shanghai, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Zendai Museum Modern Art, Shanghai, 2006, Museum Contemporary Art Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlruhe, 2007, Museum Contemporary Art, Shanghai, 2007, Museum Humboldt, Havana, 2009, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Cambridge, 2010, Represented in permanent collections Brooklyn Museum New York, Metropolitan Museum Art, New York City, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum, Cambridge, Yellow Stone Art Center, Montana, Museum Kulturspeicher, Wuerzburg, Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen, Museum Quebec, Museum Arte São Paulo, Museum Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Hara Museum Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Museum Contemporary Art, Berlin, Shanghai, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Museum Contemporary Art/Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Kunsthalle Bremen, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Zendai Museum Modern Art, Shanghai, Flying Colors OCT Gallery, Shenzhen.

      Author (with A. Glibota): Holgrammes, Dessins, Peintures, 1989. Author: (with E. Roters) Bilder, 1991. Author: (with Frank Popper) Art in the Electronic Age, 1993.

      Author: (with Fang-Wei Chang) The Garden of Light, 2005. Author: (with Shen Qibin) The Passion of Light, 2006. Author: (with Shulin Zhao) Looking Forward, 2007.

      Author: (with Soo Kyong Kim) Phases/Faces, 2007, 2008. Author: (Dai Dongmei and Chen Aier) Unvisible-Visable, 2008. One-man shows include Galerie Haus Seel, Siegen, 2009.


Married Annette Luise Daudert, December 30, 1994. 1 child Luca Anna Helena.

Helmut Jung

Helene Jung

Annette Luise Daudert

Luca Anna Helena Jung