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Dmitrii Vladimirovich Kuz'min-Karavaev


Dmitrii Kuz'min-Karavaev, USSR Cardinal.


Kuz'min-Karavaev, Dmitrii Son of the general, V. D. Kuz’minKaravaev.


Member of the intelligentsia before World War I. Emigrated after the Revolution 1917. Lived in France. Married E. Pilenko (who, after their divorce, became the nun Mother Maria). Converted to Catholicism.

Became a cardinal in Rome. Kuzmin-Karavaev, V ladimir Dmitrievich1859-1927. General. Professor of the Military Academy of Petersburg University. Right-wing Cadet. Member of the editorial board of Vestnik Evropy.

Member of the 1st and 2nd Duma. Close to the mathematician M. Kovalevskii, and the philosopher V. Soloviev. During the Civil War, member of the anticommunist government in Arkhangelsk, 1919.

Emigrated, lived in France.