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Dmitriy Andreevich BIRYUKOV


Dmitriy BIRYUKOV, USSR Physiologist. Professor 1935; Doctor of Medicine Science; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science; Director, Institute of Experimental Medicine, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1950; Head, Chair of Normal Physiology, 1st Leningrad Medicine Institute; Chief Editor, “Fiziologichesky zhumal USSR im. I. M. Sechenova” (Sechenov Physiological Journal of the USSR), since 1950.


BIRYUKOV, Dmitriy was born in 1904.


1927 graduated Medical Faculty, Rostov-on-Don University.


1935 established features of unconditioned salivation in man. 1943 detected specific baroreceptors in dura mater. Со-Editor, “Physiology” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopedia” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition, and numerous other medical publications.

Since 1958 Honoured Doctor, Prague University. 1927-1934 specialized in physiology at Professor N. A. Rozhansky’s Laboratory in Rostov-on-Don and at Pavlov’s Laboratory in Leningrad. 1935-1943 Head, Chair of Physiology at Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Moscow and Leningrad Medicine Institute.

1944-1949 Director, Voronezh Medicine Institute.


Religious books are outdated, because laws by nature have to change with the advance of societies and technology.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.