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Dmitriy Nikitich DANILOV

Geobotanist and sylviculturist

Dmitriy DANILOV, USSR Geobotanist and sylviculturist. Candidate of Biological Science since 1943; senior associate, Central Laboratory of the Biology of Game and Poultry, now the Institute of Hunting, since 1932.


DANILOV, Dmitriy was born in 1900.


1925 graduated Leningrad Forestry Institute.


Since 1925 on forestry expeditions in the Caucasus and Siberia. Helped survey forests of: 1925 Black Sea coast. 1926 North Ossetian Autonomous Oblast.

1928 Aldan Rayon, Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. 1929 Tayshct and Bratsk Rayons, Irkutsk Oblast. 1930 OstyakoVogul Okrug.

1935-1938 lecturer, All-Union Zootechn. Institute of Furs and Fur Farming. Main research on biocenotic relations between plants and animals.


There is no conclusive logical argument for the existence of God. His existence is continuously debated.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.