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Dmitriy Mikhaylovich TETERNEK

Veterinary medical expert

Dmitriy TETERNEK, USSR Veterinary medical expert. Doctor of Veterinary Science since 1940; Professor; Head, Chair of Veterinary Medicine Expertise, Veterinary Faculty, Moscow Technology Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry, since 1944.


TETERNEK, Dmitriy was born in 1900 in Korop, now Chernigov Oblast.


1925 graduated Kiev Veterinary Institute.


1925-1930 Rayon Veterinary Surgeon, Kiev Oblast, then Head, slaughterhouse in Nezhin. Veterinary surgeon and epizootologist in Transcaucasus. 1930-1935 laboratory Assistant, then senior associate, Moscow All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science.

Consultant, Moscow Meat Combine. Lectures on postgrad, courses of veterinarians and technology engineer. Works deal with veterinary valuation, microbiology, epizootology, paratyphoid and food poisoning.