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Dott. Germano DE CINQUE

Under Secretary of State of Justice

Dott. Germano DE CINQUE, Under Secretary of State of Justice.


DE CINQUE, Dott. Germano was born on December 26, 1935 in Casoli, Chieti, Italy.


Doctor in Jurisprudence.


Provincial and National Leader of Movimento di Casoli (Casoli Movement), Chieti, 1960-1962. Mayor of Casoli, 1960-1964. Member INPS (legal section) Assessor, Chieti, 1965-1970.

President Province of Chieti, 1970-1976. President Land Reclamation Consortium, Sangro and Aventino Valleys, 196672. Administrative Adviser, Fucino Authority, 1968-1976.

Elected Deputy, Aquila-Peseara-Chieti-Teramo, 1976-1983. Member Committees on Public Works, Justice, and Election Body. Member Parliamentary Committee for regional affairs.

Secretary Body for the Authorizations to prosecute. Member Leadership Committee of Christian Democrats Parly, group. Elected Senator, Chieti, since 1983.

Member Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Member Consultative Committee for Tax Reform. Vice-President Committee on Finance and Treasury.

Member Body for Elections and for Parliamentary immunity. Under Secretary of State of Justice. Lawyer. Notary.