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Douglas C. Engelbart Edit Profile

engineering executive

Douglas C. Engelbart, American engineering executive.


Engelbart, Douglas C. was born on January 30, 1925 in Portland, Oregon, United States.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University, 1948. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Oregon State University, 1994. Bachelor in Engineering, University California, Berkeley, 1952.

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University California, 1955. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), Santa Clara University, 2001.


Electronic/radar technical United States Navy, 1944-1946. Electrical engineer National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Ames Laboratory (now National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Mountain View, California, 1948-1951. Assistant professor electrical engineering University California, Berkeley, 1955-1956.

Researcher Stanford Research Institute (now Socially Responsible Investment International), California, 1957-1959, director augmentation research center, 1959-1977. Senior scientist Tymshare, Inc., Cupertino, 1977-1984, McDonnell Douglas International Sommelier Guild, San Jose, 1984-1989. Director Bootstrap Project Stanford University, 1989-1990.

Director Bootstrap Project, Palo Alto, California, 1989—1990, Bootstrap Institute, Fremont, 1990—2008. Director emeritus Doug Engelbart Institute, since 2008. Visiting scholar Stanford University.

Speaker in field.


  • Achievements include visionary and pioneering work in organizational augmentation, including strategies for continuous improvement, human-tool co-evolution and interactive collaborative hypermedia computing to support the knowledge-intensive work of groups and individuals. 7 patents relating to bi-stable gaseous plasma digital devices, 12 patents relating to all-magnetic digital devices, 1 patent for invention of the Mouse.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor numerous articles to professional journals.


Fellow National Academy Arts and Sciences. Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (treasurer, vice chairman, chairman San Francisco chapter professional group on electronic computers 1957-1959, Computer Pioneer award 1993, John Von Neumann medal award, 1999), National Academy of Sciences (panel on future role of computers in research libraries 1968-1970, committee on augmentation of human intellect 1989), National Academy of Engineering, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (advisory board), The Technology Center of Silicon Valley (advisory council), Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Blue Key, Sigma Xi.