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Dr. Andreas VON BULOW

Member of the Bundestag

Dr. Andreas VON BULOW, German Member of the Bundestag. Union of Public Works, Transport and Traffic; Workers' Welfare.


VON BULOW, Dr. Andreas was born on July 17, 1937 in Dresden.


University of Heidelberg.Firsl National Examination, law, 1960, Second Examination, 1964. Study visits to France and USA. Scholarships from Friedrich Ebert and Volkswagen.


Parliamentary Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence, 80. Federal Minister for Research and Technology, 1980-1982. Lawyer, High Administrative Service, Baden-Württemberg, since 1966.

In Regional Council Offices of Heidelberg. Balingen and Government Executive of SüdwürttembergHohenzollern. Doctor of Law, Heidelberg, 1969.

Deputy Chairman, Committee of the Volkswagen Scholarship.


Union of Public Works, Transport and Traffic. Workers' Welfare.