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Dr. Fulvio CACCIA

Member of the Nationalrat

Dr. Fulvio CACCIA, Swiss Member of the Nationalrat.


CACCIA, Dr. Fulvio was born on January 3, 1942 in Cadenazzo. Parents: the late Arturo Caccia and Emilia Caccia (née Pedrini).


Elementary and Cantonal Schools, Cadenazzo and Locarno. Gymnasium, Lugano; Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Engineering Diploma; Doctor of Technical Science.

Spoken languages: Italian, German, French, knowledge of English.


President, Youth Movement of Christian Democratic People's Party. Vice president, Christian-Democratic Youth Movement. Director, Cantonal Lyceum, Lugano.

Member, Cantonal Government. Member of Nationalrat. President, Popular Democratic Party, Ticino.


  • A Twelve-frame High-speed Image Converter Camera, Proceedings of Ninth International Congress on High-speed Photography, Denver 1970 (Soc. Of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).


Roman Catholic.


Spouse Daniela Caccia (née Nessi), 1966. Children: three.