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Member of the Nationalrat

Dr. Heide SCHMIDT, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat. Golden Service Award of Austria.


SCHMIDT, Dr. Heide was born on November 27, 1948 in Kempten, Allgäu, West Germany.


Grammar school (science orientated), matriculation, 1966. University of Vienna, Doctor of Law, 1971. Part time study at Economic University of Vienna, teaching certificate for intermediate and upper commercial schools teaching Master of Social and Economic Sciences, 1976.


Sent to Bundesrat from Vienna Provincial Assembly, member of Bundesrat, since 1987. Professional career: year in court, Vienna Provincial Criminal Court and District Court, Vienna Inner City. Legal Department, Ministry of Education and Art, 1972-1977.

Personal secretary and legal Director in charge of the responsibilities of Gustav Zeillinger, People's lawyer, 1977-1983. Legal Director in charge of the jurisdiction of Helmuth Josseck Dipl-Vw (diploma in economics), people’s lawyer.