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Member of the Nationalrat

Dr. Jolanda OFFENBECK, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat. Great Golden Award, for services to Austria; Great Silver Award, for services to Austria.


OFFENBECK, Dr. Jolanda was born on September 1, 1930 in Graz, Austria.


Secondary school; college of further education. Doctor of Law, 1954.


Member of SPÖ, Party Exec, for Province of Steiermark, 1968. Member of Federal Council, 1970-1973. Member of SPÖ Federal Party Executive, since 1974.

Deputy Chairperson, Socialist Reps, and Federal Council Members Group, since 1979. Federal President, Socliast Women of Austria, since 1981. SPO Deputy Federal Party Chairperson, since 1981.

Member of SPO Party Executive Committee, since 1981. Member of Nationalrat for Steiermark, since 1973. Professional career: Chairperson, Steiermark Provincial Women’s Committee, 1975.